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Enrolled Nurse

As the leading medical recruitment agency in South Africa, our client has an exciting opportunity for an Enrolled Nurse based in Soweto, South Africa.  The Enrolled Nurse is to deliver expert nursing care to patients under the direction and supervision of registered nurses. Enrolled Nurses play a crucial role in supporting patient well-being, promoting health education, and ensuring the delivery of safe and effective care within healthcare settings.  The Enrolled Nurse will be responsible for assessment and care as well as the needs of patients and will be responsible for the development, implementation and evaluation of appropriate programmes of care, ensuring the delivery of high quality care to patients. 


  • By assisting with activities of daily living, administering medications, and providing health education, Enrolled Nurses contribute to the management of acute and chronic health conditions, thereby improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Promotion of patient overall health and wellbeing by working effectively and co-operatively with others to establish and maintain good working relationships that are mutually beneficial, being effective in communication with patients’ regarding their care, maintains patient confidentiality at all times

  • Through their compassionate and empathetic approach to patient care, Enrolled Nurses help create a positive and supportive healthcare environment that fosters trust, comfort, and satisfaction among patients and their families. By addressing patient needs, concerns, and preferences with sensitivity and respect, Enrolled Nurses contribute to overall patient satisfaction and loyalty to the healthcare organization. Practice the principles of infection prevention and all standard precautions. Execute all procedures according to hospital standards 

  • Collaborate closely with registered nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to develop and implement individualized care plans tailored to each patient's needs and goals. By participating in interdisciplinary team meetings, case conferences, and care coordination efforts, Enrolled Nurses facilitate seamless communication, continuity of care, and efficient resource utilization, resulting in improved patient outcomes and healthcare delivery efficiency.

  • Attention to detail, adherence to established protocols, and vigilant monitoring of patient conditions, Enrolled Nurses help ensure a safe and secure healthcare environment for patients, staff, and visitors. By promptly identifying and reporting changes in patient status, medication errors, or safety hazards, Enrolled Nurses contribute to the prevention of adverse events, medical errors, and healthcare-associated infections, thereby enhancing patient safety and minimizing risk.

  • Assume responsibility for maintaining competence in CPR

  • Ensure that key areas of organization and planning are kept up to date with regards to: Ensure all stock is well controlled and managed, file compilation, therapeutic, clean and safe environment that is free from medico-legal hazards. medical waste management principles and all other waste management principles are maintained, ensure that all documentation is maintained timeously and accurately, reflecting patient care  maintain professional conduct and standards at all times in accordance with hospital policies and procedures, report equipment needing repair or replacement to sister-in-charge and responsible for ensuring correct use, cleaning and storage of equipment.


  • Qualified Enrolled nurse registered with SANC

  • Minimum one year extensive experience in a Medical Ward will be advantageous.

Salary is market related

Location: Soweto

If this vacancy is closed or you have any questions, please contact

Please be advised that you will be contacted by Medipath Healthcare Recruitment within 14 days should we wish to proceed with your application. Similarly, if you are not contacted by Medipath Healthcare Recruitment, please accept your application as unsuccessful. Your CV will automatically be added to our database and we could be contacting you should a suitable position arise.


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