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Scrub Sister Theatre

As the leading medical recruitment agency in South Africa, our client has an exciting opportunity for a Scrub Nurse based in Soweto, South Africa.  The Scrub Nurse is to deliver expert nursing care to maintain continuity of patient care, upholding nursing standards, and ensuring the well-being of patients in various clinical settings. The Scrub Nurse will render and promote cost effective, safe quality patient care in accordance with hospital standards and policies with a specific focus on the total management of patients during the delivery process from admission to the maternity ward to discharge from the hospital, including antenatal care. 


  • Ensure continuity of patient care by seamlessly stepping into the role of a staff nurse during scheduled absences, such as vacations, sick leave, or staffing shortages. Patients receive uninterrupted nursing care, maintaining their treatment plans, medication schedules, and therapeutic interventions without disruption.

  • Adhere to established nursing protocols, standards, and policies to deliver safe, effective, and high-quality patient care consistent with organizational expectations. They follow care plans, medication administration procedures, and documentation requirements to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and patient safety guidelines.

  • Prioritize patient safety and well-being, conducting thorough assessments, monitoring vital signs, and promptly addressing any changes in patient condition or concerns. They collaborate with interdisciplinary healthcare teams to coordinate care, manage emergencies, and advocate for patients' needs and preferences.

  • Ensure that key areas of organisation and planning are kept up to date with regards to: reflecting patient care  maintain professional conduct and standards at all times in accordance with hospital policies and procedures, report equipment needing repair or replacement to sister-in-charge and responsible for ensuring correct use, cleaning and storage of equipment.

  • Communicate effectively with patients, families, and healthcare team members to facilitate smooth care transitions, share critical information, and address patient concerns. They collaborate with registered nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to exchange relevant patient data, implement care plans, and ensure optimal patient outcomes.

  • Play a critical role in maintaining patient satisfaction and experience by delivering competent, compassionate, and patient-centered care during staffing transitions or challenging circumstances. They build rapport with patients, establish trust, and address patient needs with empathy and sensitivity, leaving a positive impression on patients and families.


  • Must be a Registered Nurse and midwife with a valid SANC registration

  • Post basic qualification in operating room advantageous

  • Prior experience working as a nurse in various clinical settings, preferably in acute care, long-term care, or community healthcare.

  • Strong clinical skills, including patient assessment, medication administration, wound care, and emergency response.

Salary is market related

Location: Soweto

If this vacancy is closed or you have any questions, please contact

Please be advised that you will be contacted by Medipath Healthcare Recruitment within 14 days should we wish to proceed with your application. Similarly, if you are not contacted by Medipath Healthcare Recruitment, please accept your application as unsuccessful. Your CV will automatically be added to our database and we could be contacting you should a suitable position arise.


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